We are specialists and deep connoisseurs of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013 technologies.

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QlikView is very different from a traditional Business Intelligence software, e offer are aimed at implementing dashboards and system analytics data into new systems, or evolution of QlikView implementations. We also advise on the purchase of product licenses.

The IT outsourcing we offer is the solution for companies that need to incorporate external technologies; is tailor-made technical services on-site. We select the profile that your IT department needs and provide such service.

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Understand what is driving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is critical to the continued success of our organization. The perceptions of our customers help us to preserve and deepen the relations with them, and help them to increase profits through lower costs. Trentia Consulting commitment to provide high levels of service to our clients help us to ensure continued commercial success for both.

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Des de Trentia donem les gràcies a tots els assistents que van venir ahir al Seminari Portal de l'Empleat....
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